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World Premiere: 12 Haiku for Mezzo-Soprano, Solo Violin, Solo Cello, and chamber Orchestra

  • University of Louisville School of Music (map)
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Quinn's song cycle, titled 12 Haiku, will be premiered by the University of Louisville Symphony Orchestra and Mezzo-Soprano, Emily Howes. Join Quinn and his family and friends at this world premiere! 

Program Note:

12 Haiku is a multi movement song cycle for mezzo-soprano, solo violin and violoncello, and chamber orchestra. Each of the twelve movements is representative of the atmosphere and character of a single haiku, and over the course of the work a dramatic narrative is created by the sequence of texts. In contrast to a typical song cycle, the mezzo-soprano sings nearly the entire work on nonsense syllables, and the words of the haiku are delivered at precise moments via a multimedia projection that accompanies each movement.

The narrative created over the course of the work follows the mezzo-soprano through the journey of her life. The orchestra creates the world in which she lives, and the solo violin and violoncello represent her connection to this world.

Movements I and XII, a prelude and postlude respectively, encompass the core of the work. The remaining movements are split up into three sections, each of which is a new chapter of the dramatic narrative. Movements II through IV depict birth and the joys of life. Movements V through VIII acknowledge the death and pain that accompanies life. Finally, movements IX through XI deal with coming to terms with ones own impending death.

I. Silent – The stage is set as the mezzo-soprano curiously observes the willful and peaceful departure of a life.

II. Returning – She witnesses the birth of a new life that fills the void.
III. Dawn – Her focus broadens, and she sees the beauty of the whole world for the first time.
IV. Ballet – She finds love and happiness in the company of another.

V. Hungry – Death is introduced, and her joy and wonderment is replaced by sorrow.
VI. Bell – She is only briefly able to return to a state of serenity before the departure of another life weighs her down.
VII. Memory – Rage turns to deep sorrow as she laments the death of someone close to her.
VIII. Alone – She tries to reignite a sense of wonder from her youth, only to realize that there is no one to share in her joy.

IX. Dark – Life has left its scars, and she begins to realize that nothing can wash them away.
X. Grave – She feels small and insignificant when she sees her own thread starting to unravel.
XI. Monument – She comes to peace with her departure from life and a great sense of relief washes over her.

XII. Butterflies – Her voice is heard for the first time, but only so that she may tell us why she does not speak.

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TEMPO New Music Ensemble 72 Hour Challenge
6:30 PM18:30

TEMPO New Music Ensemble 72 Hour Challenge

  • Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (map)
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Quinn will be a participating composer in the TEMPO 72 hour challenge where composers at the University of Maryland have 36 hours to write a piece for a given ensemble, and performers have 36 hours to prepare the piece for performance. This concert is a part of the Artist Partner Program's NextNOW Fest at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. 


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TEMPO New Music Concert
8:00 PM20:00

TEMPO New Music Concert

  • Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (map)
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The TEMPO New Music Ensemble, a graduate student led new music initiative at the University of Maryland, will hold their annual spring concert at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Quinn will conduct multiple works including works from the winners of the TEMPO call for scores. Check back for updates and more information as it becomes available.

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